Amma Life CBD Cream Review

I’ve been using Amma Life CBD Cream on and off now for about 2 months and wanted to write a quick review of how I’ve found it.

Amma Life Soothing CBD Cream

The first thing I wanted to note is that I have been using the “Soothing” cream, when I search online I see lots of references to Amma Life’s Nourishing CBD cream but not so many with the word soothing.

Just like the soothing cream, the nourishing cream is touted as being excellent for general skincare, whilst this is not what I’m using the soothing CBD cream I think this is a simple rebrand.

I’m going to contact Amma Life about this and will update the review when I’ve heard back.

Update – I emailed them about this and they replied. I’ve written a short post about it but they are different products.

Amma Life CBD Cream Lid
Amma Life CBD Cream

Why I use CBD cream

I suppose it makes sense to start the review by saying why I personally started using this CBD cream. I have incredibly sore knees, when I was younger I had Osgood–Schlatter disease and a combination of that and playing rugby has left my knees, well a little knackered.

I haven’t had cause to use the cream on sore muscles yet or any other joints, when I do I will certainly update this review with how I found it.

Where I bought the CBD Cream

This is not a paid review or an endorsement (although I probably will be reviewing them soon, watch this space!) but I bought this cream from CBD Ethics, a CBD shop in Brighton, England.

I was allowed to sample a few different creams and told about the pros and cons of them all. Amma Life CBD Cream is what I decided to try first.

From a quick search it seems you can pick up Amma Life products in quite a few places, so if this review makes you want to give it a go I’m sure you will be able to find it at a local stockist or online.

How I use CBD Cream

I normally apply the cream in the morning before leaving the house and in the evening before going to bed.

I take a relatively small amount (pictured below) and rub it into my knees until you can’t see the cream any more.

A finger full of CBD cream
How much CBD cream I put on each knee

The results after two months of use

I’ve been incredibly happy with the results of using the Amma Life CBD cream.

I find that within about 15 minutes of application I start to feel relief in my knees. 

The relief I get from this CBD cream feels like it lasts for about 2 hours. It is hard to know because my knee pain increases and decreases throughout the day.

I have found it easier to get to sleep, and am less worried about a sudden burst of knee pain making walking difficult whilst I’m travelling to work.

The smell of Amma Life CBD Cream

Something I did want to point out is the smell, this is the first cream I’ve used but I have smelt other topical creams at various CBD shops.

It isn’t the strongest smelling product in the world, but there is a very distinct cannabis-like smell off of it.

It doesn’t linger, but when you rub the cream in you certainly awake the scent. It isn’t unpleasant, just distinct.

If you’re the type of person who would really rather not smell like that then I would maybe suggest some caution. As I say it doesn’t stick around for that long, but something to consider.

CBD cream can stain

Inside the Amma Life CBD cream pot, it is very yellow and green
Inside the Amma Life CBD cream pot, it is very yellow and green

Something to consider is that this cream can stain clothes. You’ve seen how bright this stuff is!

If you haven’t rubbed it in well enough or happen to get some on you whilst applying it you may need to put your clothes through the wash a few times to get the green colour off them.

Would I buy Amma Life CBD Cream again?

The real test of any product is if the person using it would happily part ways with cash to buy it again.

In this instance I can happily report I will certainly be re-ordering some of this when my current pot is starting to run low.

Have you used Amma Life CBD Cream?

If you’ve used this cream I’d love to hear your experiences. You can comment below or contact us.

Additional Information

My review has officially ended, but here is some more information that you might find useful.

Here are the ingredients:

  • liposomal cream with urea
  • dexpanthenol
  • ceramide 1
  • magnesium chloride
  • lactic acid
  • potassium ascorbate
  • serine
  • cannabis sativa extract
  • L-Argine
  • turmeric
  • quercitin

Storage Instructions:

  • store in a cool, dry place
  • keep away from children
  • for best results, use within 5 months of opening

Description (from the official website):

Naturally gentle on your skin with active cannabinoids that can be absorbed into the body.

This unique cream contains natural ingredients that plays a vital role in maintaining the skin’s moisture balance and the suppleness of the skin. Ingredients are non-toxic and non-allergenic, such as urea which has extraordinary anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that promotes fast healing of dry cracked split skin, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne, burns and other types of skin issues.

How to use: This cannabis derived CBD cream helps to nourish, relax & revitalise your skin. It can be used as a general cream or on specific areas.
Massage as often as desired on affected areas of the body for instant support.

This product contains no parabens and is petroleum free. It is not tested on animals.

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Amma Life CBD Cream
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