Amma Life Nourishing vs Soothing CBD Cream

In a recent review of Amma Life’s Soothing CBD cream I mentioned I was a little confused about what I was finding on their website versus what I had purchased and was using.

What I use is Soothing Cream, what they have on their website is Nourishing.

At first I thought it was maybe just a different name for the same product. I emailed them for clarification.

They very kindly got back to me and quickly confirmed that they are indeed different products.

The soothing and the nourishing creams are indeed different products, at the moment we only stock the Soothing to our in-store suppliers so online customers will only have access to the Nourishing.

The main difference is that the Soothing cream has a higher CBD content, as well as additional ingredients such as turmeric and quercitin.  

So it turns out the one I have has higher CBD content and some additional ingredients. Good to know!

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