An interview with Ned from Cannabidolpharm

Today I’m excited to share our first ever interview on CBDScores. I started chatting to Ned from Cannabidolpharm on Twitter and he very kindly agreed to answer some of my questions.

Let’s start with an easy one, tell us a little about yourself

My name is Ned and i am one of the co-owners of CANNABIDOLPHARM LTD.

Excellent, and tell us a little about your company, how did you get involved?

As someone who has known about and used CBD for years it has been exciting to witness how rapidly the industry is growing within the UK.

I have personally used many of the leading UK CBD companies and realised there was allot more to bring to the industry, so we got involved as soon as we could.

Although current laws and regulations in the UK make it hard to spread the positive effects CBD has to offer, we believe we can contribute to the evolution of the market.

CBD been an important aspect of my life so I can say it is a privilege to help spread its utilisation as much as possible.

What CBD products do you use day to day?

There are so many varieties of CBD products on the market, however I stick to the traditional Full spectrum CBD drops. I find it great for consuming specific dosages and feel the effects much sooner than most other products.

I plan on picking up some of your drops next time I’m out! What is your favourite thing about this industry?

It is a privilege to help spread the utilisation of CBD in the UK as much as possible, and its great to hear how many people find relief from it.

And finally, what do you dislike about this industry?

Although the development of the Legal Cannabis/Hemp/CBD industry is more prominent than ever, we seem to face a lot of laws and rules that prevent us from spreading the uses and benefits of CBD freely.

It is also incredibly difficult to find organisations that will accommodate our business due to policy conflicts surrounding CBD and Hemp.

Although it has been difficult journey, we are glad we are able to say we are now part of the industry.

End of interview

Thanks so much Ned for answering my questions.

Please check out what Cannabidolpharm have to offer in their shop.

If you would like to be interviewed about your usage or work with CBD then please get in contact.

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