Ankh Wellbeing Centre

Recently I visited Ankh Wellbeing Centre in Shepherd’s Bush to see what CBD products they sold. I figured I would share a quick review.

What Ankh Wellbeing Centre sells

As the name suggests, the Ankh Wellbeing Centre focuses on health foods, holistic products, and well being.

Ankh Wellbeing Centre location

The shop is at 10 Adelaide Grove, which is in Shepherd’s Bush in West London. Wood Lane or Sheperd’s Bush Market would be your best tube stations to use if you’re visiting.

It is a small shop but easy enough to find as it is in a residential street.

Ankh Wellbeing Centre store front

CBD offerings of Ankh Wellbeing Centre.

They did have some CBD for sale which is the focus of my review.

They had:

  • Two types of CBD isolate (98% and 99%)
  • Two types of CBD oil
  • 1 CBD wax

I bought the 99% CBD isolate. I will be doing a full review of it shortly but for now I want to comment on the fact that whilst there is no sell by date on the isolate, the thing I was sold was made nearly 4 years ago.

It is so old that the company that makes it have undergone a complete rebrand and don’t have that product for sale any more.

Since it is isolate I’m sure that isn’t an issue, but dealing with such old stock doesn’t give me much hope for the quality of the other products they were selling.

Staff Knowledge

Unfortunately the member of staff, whilst friendly, had no knowledge of CBD, and had to phone the manager in order to get the prices.

They didn’t try and pretend to know anything, but I felt a little uneasy speaking to them because it was clear they had no idea of the product.

Overall thoughts

Unfortunately I cannot recommend the Ankh Wellbeing Centre as a place to go for CBD, they do sell CBD but the range is very limited, the staff knowledge just wasn’t there and the one item I did purchase seems past its best.

There are plenty of other places near by that I would recommend instead (reviews incoming!). I’d even recommend a trip to Brighton to visit CBD Ethics over here.

If you’re interested in finding out more, here is their official facebook page.

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