CBD Guest Posting

CBD Scores is trying to give no-nonsense advice and opinion on CBD products personally tried and tested. We don’t have any affiliations with one particular brand or product.

If you have an article or idea for an article that you’d like us to share then we’d be more than happy to share it on our site.

You would get full credit and relevant links to your website or social media pages.

There are a few terms that if supplying a guest post you need to agree to:

  • The article is about CBD or directly related to CBD
  • The article is unique and hasn’t been repurposed from another CBD article
  • The article is high quality (and reads well)
  • Any health information or claims need to refer to peer-reviewed journals
  • The article should be around 600 words in length
  • Any photos or videos used (and use is encouraged!) should come with attribution
  • We’re happy for the article to contain external links, but if clearly a link building exercise there is a fee (see below)

Sponsored Posts

If the post you’d like shared is very clearly a sponsored post, either because it is advertising a single product or brand, or because it is being used as part of a link building exercise then there will be a cost to this.

Getting in touch about posts

If all of the above sounds good, feel free to get in touch!