CBD-Scams interview

Today I’m happy to share a short email interview I conducted with Ebba from CBD-Scams.com.

I’d heard about CBD-Scams on Twitter and I wanted to know a little more, Ebba was more than happy to oblige.

Hopefully you find this interview useful! If you have any follow up questions or comments you can always leave them in the comments.

Can you tell us a little about CBD-scams.com, how did it come about? 

We are a group comprised mostly of CBD patients and consumers from multiple countries who have been scammed ourselves, suffered losses from fraud, or illnesses from fake products, etc… who decided enough was enough. We believe these problems will get worse as the Global CBD market expands, and we want to do our part to provide a resource for all legitimate participants in the CBD industry as a whole, patients, customers, investors, producers, alike.

The need for CBD is GREAT. This has been a hard-won position to even be where some of our countries are today, and the fight is not over to achieve the desired access to legal CBD so desperately needed.

Not only are these scammers harmful to the customers, patients, and companies they defraud, but they are harmful to the validity of this much needed industry and status and reputation of legal CBD as a whole.

How long have you been involved with CBD-scams? 

Personally, for 2 years. However, the original two founders of this group have been helping assist people who were scammed (in Europe) for over 5 years, and the number of volunteers has grown consistently in that time.

The decision to form a public website was made last year, and initiated at the end of the year.

What in your opinion is the best thing that could happen for the CBD industry in 2019?

The World Health Organization deciding to completely remove CBD from Scheduling entirely. The UN accepting their recommendation and opening all free trade for CBD globally.

Countries that have the ability and means to provide the type of beneficial and safe CBD products, such as the United States, Germany, Canada, Israel, etc.. enter the Global market fully, allowing those who desperately need this medicine a way to get it that is currently not present.

Personally, what does your CBD regime/usage look like? 

I am a Cancer survivor and use 60mg CBD daily as an oral supplement.

The website mentions the site is powered by Global Unity, can you explain what Global Unity is? 

We coined the statement “Powered by Global Unity” to describe the collective efforts of the multi-national volunteers who comprise our organization.

These volunteers do so freely, receive zero compensation, and are in consensus as to the principles and values of our mission.

We accept no donations nor sponsorship, and are not, and will never be, affiliated with any company, government, or financial institution. We understand there are many legitimate companies who support us, but accepting any such support would negate our very foundation of having no financial interest or gain, no alliances, no one “owner” or “leader”, complete impartiality, and only reporting what we can actually verify without exception.

We do no favors, nor will we allow our site to be used by “shady” company or people to affect any other company, competitor or person.

Thanks so much for answering my questions! If someone wanted to talk more about CBD-scams.com, how might they get in touch?


Thanks so much to Ebba for their time!

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