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Today I wanted to share a conversation I had with Simon from Kent CBD, about his CBD journey and what Kent CBD are all about. Enjoy!

Let’s start with an easy one, tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Simon Bell, 48 years old and come from a Kent village called Snodland.

And you own Kent CBD, tell us a little about it

Kent CBD was formed for a number of reasons, firstly my wife has a chronic knee problem, secondly I have a friend who suffers badly from PTSD, and thirdly and the most important reason is that when I have visited shops and other CBD sellers there is no care, its just like walking into a sweet shop and I’ll have a bag of these please.

20 years ago when I became interested within the alternative therapy market you would need a consultation and although the person wasn’t a Doctor they were interested in the overall treatment and well being and would structure a wellness plan for you.

The CBD industry is quickly becoming a fast buck market and I am trying to take it, or at least what we do in a different direction.

How long have you been involved in the CBD industry?

I have been involved in alternative treatments for around 19 years, but that spans everything from Chinese to Indian to homeopathic treatments. I’ve been aware of the benefits of cannabis long before CBD oil was thought about but became really into it around 2 years ago but I wanted to research and generally get a feel of the industry before I formed Kent CBD.

Can you explain in brief how you develop a wellness plan for Kent CBD clients?

As you will see from our Twitter, Facebook and web page we don’t have an online shop and normally we actively try to promote all customers talk to us rather than a checkout.

You always get one or two that just say that’s what I want so in that instance we just charge and post or deliver depending on where they are, but in the main I would say around 80% allow us to advise on dose and product and this will depend on there build and previous cannabis and CBD use and any medication currently taking.

We normally follow up at least bi-weekly and with customers permission keep a record of development and again we encourage feedback positive and negative as CBD doesn’t work for everyone.

That is refreshing to hear! How long have you been using CBD?

I have personally been a CBD oil user for around 15 months and that’s been just about every form of it as I wanted to see the difference and benefit from each product.

How do you personally consume CBD?

I personally take a 250mg Oil twice a day (morning and night) and my wife finds the 500mg Raw Oil better for her and again twice a day.

When we chatted before you mentioned you have lots of customers with MS, would it be one of the more common conditions people have who come to you?

The most common would be skin complaints, then anxiety / depression, PTSD although we actively target and try to help this area as its something that we support charity wise etc. Then we have the chronic pain sufferers whom it has to be said once the dosage is correct these are the people who seem to get almost instant relief.

We do have a few MS sufferers, we are currently working with a stage 4 at the moment and the results are very positive.

What is your favourite thing about this industry?

Favourite thing is very simple, we get to help when nearly everything else has failed although I don’t want to come across as the patron saint of CBD

What do you dislike about this industry?

I dislike the stigma surrounding what we do from PayPal, the banks, Facebook etc. We are running a totally legal operation and yet we cant advertise properly or we cant use the same card processor as every other high street retailer. I dislike the quick buck brigade and the sweet variations, sweets are for sweet shops this is a serious industry. I also dislike the trade body’s that are now appearing with extortionate fees to join and who are governed by some of the wholesalers, that just screams trouble for the future.

In your opinion, what is the best thing that could happen for the CBD industry?

I fear slightly for the future as this is going to become a massive growth industry that will attract your Holland and Barrett types who sell basic crap with incredibly low dose and no knowledge, I mean Meg Matthews launched her own range yesterday and she’s famous for being Noel Gallagher’s ex. I just fear the market will become saturated with crap products, people will by them because of a famous brand link, they will receive no benefit and it will be the CBD that gets the blame not the celeb jumping on the bandwagon.

2 thoughts on “Kent CBD Interview

  1. Hello, My name is Angie Harrison, just read your article in the Thanet extramI am a young 70 year old, I travel an awful lot ,mainly to Southern India as I have a small tourist / renting business, I have read an awful lot about CBD oil, & also watched programs on the telly, to cut to the chase ,I suffer with the lower part of my spine, its now getting very depilating ,this has been going on now for round about 7 years, I had an MRI, to which the consultant informed me… it is wear, tear, & old age, I have been prescribed is –Co-codalmal– 30/500, which is to no avail ,I also take b/p
    tablets ..Bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg, can I have your honest opinion do you think CBD oil will benefit me in any way !
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Angie Harrison

    1. Thanks for your comment Angea, sorry to hear about back issues.

      When I decided to try CBD I went to my local Holland and Barrat and picked up the smallest amount available. I figured I couldn’t do any damage.

      It turns out the stuff I got wasn’t that great, but even it did wonders for my knees.

      I don’t know if CBD will help you, but I know it is relatively cheap to try!

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