Purple Edition Paste Review

Today I want to share my Purple Edition Paste review. This is a CBD paste that is made by CBD Brothers. I have shared pictures of the paste before on the site but today I wanted to talk about my experiences using the product.

I picked this up a few months ago from CBD Ethics, it was suggested that because of it’s high concentration and some of the ingredients it would be a good thing to take at night to aid sleep.

I often have issues sleeping, so was completely on board with trying this out.

Coming in at 16% this is the highest concentrated amount of CBD I have in any product.

It is a paste

The first thing to say about this product is that it is a paste. Before being shown the purple edition paste I had no idea you could even find CBD in this form.

The fact it is a paste comes with some slight challenges. With an oil you just drop it under your tongue, with a balm or cream you rub it into the area you want relief. With a paste you kind of half to rub it into your gums.

Maybe I have particularly weird fingers, but I find that most of the time the paste wants to stay on them as opposed to going onto my gums.

I always get there in the end, but it certainly isn’t as smooth as dropping a few drops of oil into your mouth!

CBD Brothers Paste Purple Edition On Finger
How the CBD paste looks on my finger

The taste

I expected a higher than 10% concentration of CBD to have a much stronger taste and I was right. It definitely isn’t unpleasant but you certainly know it is in your mouth the entire time.

If it ends up collecting at the back of your throat I find you get an almost mild burning sensation, this quickly passes.

The syringe 

CBD Brothers Paste Purple Edition
Front of the syringe

I love the fact this CBD paste comes in a syringe. You can really accurately measure out how much you want to take (I normally take about 2.5 cm’s worth).

With bottles of oil it can be hard to know how much you have left, and although the dropper normally makes fairly uniform drops you do sometimes get much larger or smaller ones dropping into your mouth.

The effects

I can definitely feel the effects of the paste much more quickly than with oil and I am pretty sure it has positively impacted my sleeping. It doesn’t make me drowsy or anything like that, but certainly relaxes me and helps with pain that normally keeps me awake.

Purple Edition

I should mention about this whole “purple” edition.

CBD Brothers sell other pastes.

The purple edition is at least 16% CBD and is made from the flowers of a female cannabis hybrid.

They sell a green edition which is at least 14% and is made up from the sativa strain of cannabis plants.

Purple Edition Paste Ingredients

There is one ingredient listed on the website:

– Whole plant extract with at least 16% CBD

It has the following nutritional information, per 10 ml:

  • Protein – NIL
  • Carbohydrate – NIL
  • of which is Sugars – NIL
  • Fat – 10g
    • of which is Saturates – 0.9g
    • of which is Monounsaturates – 1.1g
    • of which is Omega 9 – 1.1g
    • of which is Polyunsaturates – 7.0g
    • of which is Omega 6 – 5.2g
    • of which is Omega 3 – 1.7
  • Fibre – NIL
  • Sodium – NIL

My overall opinion of Purple Edition Paste

I will certainly be placing another order for this paste when I start running low, I’ve found it really helps me get to sleep at night and have noted the calming effects if taking during the day too. I just wish it was slightly easier to apply!

Want to share your Purple Edition Paste review?

If you’ve used this paste and would like to share your thoughts, I’d love to hear them – please just comment below.

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